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Ms. Carmilla

Acro Instructor

Ms. Carmilla, certified in Acrobatics Arts, is excited to offer "Acro" at TPC. TPC is now the only Certified Acrobatic Arts Studio in Kalamazoo, MI. 

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TPC is pleased to announce the incorporation of Acrobatic Arts! Acrobatic Arts (commonly known as "Acro") is the fusion of the athleticism of acrobatics and the classical technique of dance. Acro has many benefits, including flexibility, strength building, and balancing. These and other benefits will aid participants in enhancing their dance skills. TPC is incorporating Acro in all classes during the regular season as well as throughout the competitive season. 

To learn more about Acrobatic Arts, go to 

Benefits of Acro

Tumbing - K'Niyah.PNG


Tumbling - Riy2.PNG

Strength Building

Tumbling - Riy.PNG


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