Registration fees, tuition, late fees, and other policies are listed below. 


$25 per student

After completing the registration form, complete the process by paying the registration fee (listed above) AND at least the first installment of the tuition immediately thereafter. Electronic payments are the preferred method of payment. Registration fees are collected annually from all students. Sorry, no sibling discounts are applied to registration fees. There are no refunds of any kind. 


If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 269-430-3171 (must include area code when dialing).


The dance program at TPC runs much like a school calendar year, September through June. Tuition can range from $450 to $1300 depending on how many classes a student takes in the current season. Tumbling may also be added ONLY if a student is registered for a dance class. Adding tumbling is an additional $250 per student (for students six (6) years of age and older ONLY) for the current season. Tuition can be paid in full prior to the student's first dance class, at which time a 10% discount will be applied.


Payment Plan Options are also available where tuition can be divided into equal installments based on your student's starting month. Sorry, tuition is not prorated and is expected regardless of the day they start within the month. If you opt to set up a payment plan, your initial down payment will include the registration fee, first tuition installment, and cost for TPC top (leotard or T-shirt depending on class) per student. Tuition is expected regardless of student absences, class cancellations for any reason, holidays, breaks, unforeseen circumstances, or the like.


Late fees are added for any payment not received by the 7th of each month. Please see the LATE FEE POLICY below for more details. Sorry, there are NO REFUNDS provided for payments rendered. Students may be asked to leave the program due to non-payment of tuition or fees at any point in time. 

NOTE: Tuition must be UP TO DATE for eligibility for participation in any extra curricular dance opportunities. ALL tuition must be PAID IN FULL for student eligibility in the annual June recital.

Dance Genres offered: Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, or Jazz


 1. Electronic (Apps):

a. Cash App: $TrinityPrepCenter

b. PayPal: Go to the PayPal website or App and use the email address: or phone number: 269-430-3171.

2. Electronic (In Person or Over the Phone):

A 4% processing fee will be applied to ALL credit/debit card payments.

a. Call 269-430-3171.

b. Make an electronic payment over the phone using a credit/debit card or bring payment to class for card to be processed. 

3. Electronic (Auto payments):

A 4% processing fee will be applied to ALL credit/debit card payments.

a. Call 269-430-3171.

b. Provide Credit/Debit card information.

(Note: Cards may be kept on file and billed automatically on a monthly basis between the 1st and 7th of each month of the current season. TPC is not responsible for any fees you may incur from your bank for insufficient funds.)

REMINDER: Tuition and Registration Fees are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Cash and Money Orders are accepted; however, electronic payments are preferred. NO CHECKS PLEASE.


A 10% discount will be applied to any tuition PAID IN FULL PRIOR to the start of the student's first class. (Example: If Student "A" registers for a single class their tuition would only be $405 for the year. Their discount is $45, which is 10% of the annual tuition of $450.) We apologize, however, this discount DOES NOT APPLY when a student is sponsored by an agency or person other than the parent(s)/legal guardian(s). Additional costs are not included in this incentive. 


There is a 5% discount for siblings taking classes. Discounts will be applied in January and June. Tuition must be in good standing (up to date with payments) in order to qualify for the incentive. We apologize, however, this discount DOES NOT APPLY when a student is sponsored by an agency or person other than the parent(s)/legal guardian(s). Inquire within with questions. 


If a student (or parent) refers a new student who signs up and dances the full season, that student (the one who referred the new student) will receive a $25 registration fee credit on the next year's season (i.e. New student signs up and dances for 2019 - 2020 dance term, referring student receives credit upon their return in the 2020 - 2021 dance term). Referral must be in written form and verified by the owners to qualify.



The annual recital will take place June 13, 2021 at Comstock High School Auditorium. Additional details are forthcoming, including the recital costs. At this time, the recital is tentative and subject to change based on COVID restrictions.​ Parents WILL be notified in advance. Additionally, students may be selected to participate in performance opportunities local or afar. This could include video shoots or live performances. All students have the opportunity to be chosen. It is important for students to practice often and make every effort to do their best at each practice. Additional costs may be required to participate in performance opportunities. Parents will be notified once student is chosen to participate.  


Tuition payments are due the 1st day of each month regardless of class being in session or not. There will be a $10 late fee added to the payment beginning the 8th day of the month. Tuition is expected regardless of student absences, class cancellations, holidays, breaks, unforeseen circumstances or the like. Cash, credit/debit cards (with 4% processing fee), and money orders are accepted. 


All payments are non-refundable. Registration for TPC classes is a commitment of the full season unless communicated otherwise with the owners. In the event of dismissal (whether by owners or choice of the parent(s)/guardian(s)), tuition for the current month (and any past due payments) is still expected to be paid. A TWO-WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN TO THE OWNERS PRIOR TO PERMANENTLY LEAVING THE PROGRAM. The current month's tuition and any past due balances must be made or legal action may be taken.

Tuition, fees, schedules, events, classes, and policies are subject to change without prior notice. 

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